How I Found The Perfect Wedding Dress in 15 Minutes!

When I was younger I used to daydream about the kind of dress I would wear on my wedding day.  Back then, I was into the ball gown Cinderella dresses but as I grew older my style evolved and I rotated toward a more natural style. After watching countless hours of “Say Yes To The Dress” on TLC for my sisters wedding 2 years prior, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.

Now, how did I manage to purchase my perfect wedding dress the same day and in less than 20 minutes? I have to credit my sister for her persistence. I had ordered a dress made in China custom to my size because I wanted something different but very “Me”. However, it looked nothing like what I ordered when it arrived. I was devastated and hopeless. The big sister to the rescue! My sister took the 5 am flight from Jacksonville Florida to Miami on November 19th and called Brideofflorida that morning to make an appointment.  The sales rep told us although they are usually booked on the weekend and have to schedule weeks in advance, one of her brides had canceled on her last minute and they had one available spot for 3 pm. Yippy! we made it the appointment on time and met with our friendly sales rep. I explained that my wedding was less than 4 months away and I that I am looking for a sample dress. She assembled a couple of dresses and we headed towards the dressing room.


I tried on the first dress, an ivory square-neck trumpet dress with ruffles on the shoulders. It was nice but I wasn’t excited about it. I mean it is not enough to look good on your wedding dress, you must also Feelgood. As I was walking back to my dressing room, another bride walked out onto the stage with a beautiful blush A-line Beach flowy dress. I am not usually a pink girl but this dress was breathtaking. I literally watched in Awe for a few seconds then asked my sale rep if I could try that dress. As soon as the other bride returned to her dressing room, my sales rep acquired the dress. She kindly helped me into the dress and it fit me to “the T”. As soon as I walked out of the changing room and looked into the mirror, I knew I had found my “dream dress”. I twirled around like a ballerina smiling from ear to ear for a few minutes and just like that, I had found my dream wedding dress in 15 minutes!

It was the second and last dress I tried. I walked out of the store with my wedding dress in hand and a little parting gift from Bridesofflorida . It was truly a great experience.


Some tips to help you find your Dream dress:

  1. Don’t pick a wedding dress simply because it is trendy. Go for a style that fits your personality and your wedding theme.
  2. If you find the dress you love, don’t try another one. Too often we change our minds quickly especially if we have too many options, therefore if you love it keep it.
  3. Don’t bring a big bridal party.  I only went wedding shopping with my sister who knew what I wanted and I knew would be truly honest with me. One person’s opinion is all you need.
  4. Don’t go wedding shopping early. We often forget what we buy and lose the excitement of dress shopping. My experience shopping last minute made me really appreciate the moment and the dress!

I hope you find my wedding dress shopping experience helpful. Please let me know in the comment below, your Wedding dress shopping experience!

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Happy Wedding Dress Shopping!






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