How To Plan a Beautiful Wedding in 4 Months!


When I tell people I planned my wedding in 4 months and was completely stress-free, they think I am joking. Seriously, who plans an entire wedding in 4 months? How do you even find a venue that is available in 4 months? Whether you are newly engaged or on a long engagement the thought of marrying your true love is excited but can be stressful because we want everything to be perfect. I found that letting go of perfection and focusing on the outcome was really the Key to my wedding planning experience. Remember that all the little details will not matter in the end, it is all about the experience.

Here are my Top 7 Tips on How to Successfully Plan a Wedding in 4 Months or Less…

Get Married on a Weekday!

Yes, a weekday. This is my top most important tip. Most people get married on the weekends as it is more convenient for everyone but most of the desired wedding dates are not available. Getting married on a weekday has many benefits which include venue availability, vendor availability, discounts on weekday events and vendors, and so much more. When I was planning my wedding I wanted to tie the knot the same date of our engagement (March 21st) as it was a special occasion for us but that date the following year was on a Tuesday. To my surprise, everything was available for that Tuesday (with discounts!). I strongly recommend looking into weekday weddings. Your guess will just have to miss a day of work or make it into a mini-vacation if they are traveling.

Keep it Simple! 

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. Focus on the details that are important. I recommend first to start by choosing a budget then the location. If you need inspiration and ideas go on Pinterest. There are tons of wedding planning ideas and boards to choose from. Narrow down your choice of color scheme, themes and decor -There is always something available if you keep your eye open.

Hire a Wedding Planner!

Most people think hiring a wedding planner is too much money or too much of a hassle. I think the opposite, you pay an experienced planner for their expertise and connections. Remember they have done this before, they can get what you need to be done in less time than you think which makes it both stress-free and convenient for you. There are a lot of DIY brides who create beautiful events but from my experience, they also are responsible for cleaning after the event. Now, why do that if you can have someone take care of all the details for you. I recommend setting up an appointment and chat with a local wedding planner. They can take care of most of the important details (such as contacting vendors and decor) on your wedding planning list which leaves you with ample amount of free time to do whatever you want. Ask them questions get to know them on a personal level and see their portfolio, you will have a better sense of who to hire once you feel they understand your vision. My wedding planner Cristina was wonderful to work with and is the reason for my stress-free wedding experience.

Make a Guestlist!

Depending on your wedding date you need to send invitations no later than 3 months in advance. Paperless invites are always a great option as they are fast and great for the environment.

Purchase your Wedding Attire!

I wrote an entire blog about my wedding dress shopping experience which only took 15 minutes! For most brides getting married in 4 months is not enough time for a bridal salon dress; unless you purchase a sample dress. A sample dress is a dress that the brides try on in the store and bridal boutiques can sell at great discounts. I know some brides want that experience of purchasing a new dress but I see it as buying a dress at a luxurious store.

Get organized!

Ultimately nothing will get done if you don’t plan it. As my favorite quote by Benjamin Franklin says “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Download a wedding checklist or create your own in regards to your wedding planner. Create time blocks every week to work on your wedding. I used to plan once a week on Sundays and add any appointments to my calendar for the week then check it off my list once it is done.

Go Minimal!

My wedding was a green-themed eco-friendly wedding which was pretty minimalistic. Going minimal doesn’t mean boring. It means taking the environment into consideration and using your surroundings for decor. Get crafty with your favors and centerpieces. If you are short on time, pick simple projects that will have a greater Wow factor.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how I planned my wedding in 4 months. Always remember to have fun and be patient. I’d love to hear your wedding planning story, please leave me a comment down below.