Our Honeymoon Cruise- 7 Day Caribbean Cruise

For Ralph and I, planning our honeymoon was probably more exciting than wedding planning. This was going to be our first official vacation together. We have traveled with family before and for business but never for vacation just us two. This was also exciting for me because it was my first ever cruise! We chose a 7 day Caribbean Cruise aboard the beautiful Celebrity Reflection going to 4 destinations: Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Haiti.

Day 1

We started the day in sunny Miami where our friend and best man Guliano drove us to the Port of Miami. We checked in and were greeted with a glass of wine. Although we don’t enjoy alcohol, we did the whole intertwined arms drink in each others glass thing. Hey… Why Not? We took a quick tour of the ship then checked into our room. It was a beautiful luxurious stateroom with our very own balcony. We started to unpack then went to the main pool deck for some Ping Pong! Of course, I lost to the Champ (Ralph) but in my defense, the wind was rocking the boat. We ended the day with dinner at a Sushi restaurant called Sushi on 5 meaning deck 5. The chef was really funny and made us a complimentary chocolate cake.

Day 2


We woke up the next day to the oceans deep blue ties feeling rested and refreshed. Day 2 was a day at sea. We headed to breakfast on deck 7 and took the opportunity to enjoy the pool deck and solarium. We spent the day lounging in the jacuzzi then relaxed in the indoor pool. We also upgraded to some Wifi to get some work done but even the high-speed internet was slow. When we returned to our room later in the evening, our bed was freshly made and decorated with some dark chocolate and an invitation to dine at Opus. The service was wonderful and the food delicious.

Day 3

We woke up in Cozumel, Mexico at 7 am. Ralph and I had booked excursions the night before and met with our tour guide, Melissa. We took a short 5-minute drive to the activity park where we fed manatees and played with dolphins but the most exciting of all was snuba diving.  Yes, Snuba not scuba. Snuba is when your oxygen tank is hooked to a floating raft instead of on your back. It was my first experience snuba diving and I was a bit scared, to be honest, but if I could recommend one thing it would be this. Under the ocean is a whole world of corals and fish and deep blue horizons. I felt so small in the beauty and depth of the sea. After snuba diving, we spent some time in the pool then ate some authentic Mexican food and even had time for Tequila at the tequila factory (High recommend the almond Tequila). We ended the night by watching a comedy show on board after dinner.

Day 4

We woke up to another beautiful day and in another beautiful location, Grand Cayman Island. Grand Cayman is a pretty small country, you can probably drive around the whole island in one hour. Ralph and I decided not to book the excursion on board but to be spontaneous and see what is available. We gravitated towards a Segway tour around the island. This tour I could not recommend it enough. It was an amazing sightseeing tour of Grand Cayman and 7-mile beach. Our tour guides were hilarious and even thought us local Cayman phrases such as (What going on Titi/ Bobo?). After our tour, we dipped our toes in the turquoise colored 7-mile beach then jumped in the pool of bar where we played with floaties. We tasted some Cayman fast food then ended the night on our private balcony with a front row view of the beautiful Caribbean sunset.

Day 5

We docked in Jamaica and decided to be spontaneous again with our excursions. Unfortunately, all activities were booked and we ended just up taking it easy getting a massage and relaxing by the pool at Margarita Ville. The DJ was awesome, he had me dancing the whole time. We didn’t understand the time change and had to run back to the ship but unfortunately, we ended up leaving 2 hours later not exploring Jamaica as we wanted and missing the authentic Jamaican experience. We ended up going to the casino on the ship where we played Black Jack until midnight.

Day 6

Day 6 was the one I was waiting for (Going Home to Haiti). I was excited to zip line over the ocean but when I stepped out onto the balcony that morning it was a bit gloomy. It rained until noon which caused most of the water sports activities to be canceled. However, we were able to Zip Line. We were greeted by traditional Haitian dancers when we arrived in Labadee and took several pictures before gearing up for the excursion. We headed up a steep hill then stepped into the lift-off area. The view from up there is just spectacular. Words cannot express how beautiful it is. Imagine Lush mountains, blue and turquoise water, islands in the distance and the smell of salt in the air. Before we knew it, we glided over the ocean with both hands and feet in the air. We ended the day with sand on our feet and smiles on our faces.

Day 7

The last day of the cruise. Day 7 was another day at sea. I woke up early and headed towards the fitness center where I took a yoga class followed by a simple walk on the treadmill with a view of the ocean. Ralph took the time to play some basketball and Ping-Pong which he won of course. We had another great date night on board at an Italian restaurant called Tuscan Grill. The food was exquisite. We also met wonderful crew members from all over the world. And before we knew it, it was time to pack.

We truly enjoyed our honeymoon cruise and I would strongly recommend taking a cruise has a honeymoon vacation. You’ll get to wake up in a new location or country every day. Disconnect from the outside world. Rest and relax. Meet people from all over the world. Have constant dates with your partner and explore new locations every day.

We hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and we would love to hear about your honeymoon experience! Comment down below!



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