My Soul Cycle Experience


Last weekend, my friend Bia invited me and a couple of her friends to Soul Cycle. She decided to celebrate her 25th birthday Cycling! What a great way to kick-start your birthday by burning some calories and toning up your body right?

Our class started at 8:30 am bright and early on a Saturday morning.  I was a little bit nervous because it had been a while since I had cycled and I wanted to be sure I could keep up.


Located at the entrance of Merrick Park in Coral Gables, the facility is extremely clean and well kept. The bathrooms are stocked with all the supplies you can possibly need such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, lotion, deodorant, tampons, hair dryer, razors, shaving cream, hair ties etc. You can tell they really paid attention to details when they designed this place.

They also have lockers and cycling shoes. We headed to the cycling room and searched for our bike number. A friendly staff member helped set my bike to the correct height and made sure I had a towel and water. Once the instructor arrived the room was transformed into a party place. Lights were dimmed, the music flowing and we started pedaling. I loved the motivational words the instructor kept affirming as we were going through each exercise.

Picture from SoulCycle website

The class is not only about the legs. All bikes were stocked with 2-5lbs weights for arm exercises. Around 20 minutes into the exercise, our instructor included arms, shoulder, and upper back exercises into our workout. It was done while pedaling, a really great full body workout, I could feel the fat crying lol!

20170729_093938 (1)

Overall I would highly recommend this place because cycling is a great workout plus the facility is very clean and the staff is genuinely happy to help you reach your goals. I, on the other hand still experience butt pain, not muscle pain but the pain from the cycling seat which makes it uncomfortable for me when working out. I guess no pain no gain, right?

20170729_093909 (1)

Have you tried Soul Cycle? If so, what was your experience? Do you experience pain from the cycling seat too?



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